Farmington Valley Physical Therapy, along with our fitness partner, SOMA Movement Studio, offers therapeutically-based group exercise classes designed to help you maintain the gains that you achieved while in physical therapy in a fun, supportive group environment. The classes are designed to fit the needs of our patients' lifestyles and goals. From injury prevention to balance and strengthening exercises, classes are taught by FVPT and SOMA professionals. Please see the SOMA Movement Studio Online Class Scheduler to book classes. FVPT patients can take these classes for free.

Group Hanna Somatic Movement Classes

55 minute class, Offered twice a week
These deliberate and thoughtful movements challenge your brain's ability to control muscles throughout your body with the goal of reducing muscle tension and increasing freedom of movement. Imagine Yoga without stretching meets T'ai chi. Clients often report feeling looser and more relaxed after even a single session. This is a great class for reducing muscular tension, gaining body awareness, and improving your comfort in your own body.


55 minute class, multiple offerings a week
Get some core strength! Core strength is critical for back health and injury prevention. Pilates is a systematic method of exercise where one exercise builds off another. Much like building a house, where one brick is laid on top of another. Pilates techniques classes are designed to help a client gain the tools needed to properly perform the exercises, not in terms of choreography, but rather in terms of reaching the purpose of each exercise. There is no prerequisite or minimum fitness level requirement.

Anatomy focus classes

30 minute class, multiple offerings a week
Each class has a different anatomical focus. Choose between the Neck and Shoulder class, Hip and Legs, and Core and Spine class. Gentle, Pilates-inspired movements that encourage flexibility, body awareness, and gently mobilize the body while strengthening against spring resistance.

Pink Ribbon Program

55 minute class, offered twice a week
The Pink Ribbon Program is a system of Pilates based exercises specifically designed for post-operative breast cancer recovery. The exercises help lengthen and strengthen the shoulder, chest, back and abdominal muscles, allowing women to regain full range of motion to those areas affected by breast cancer surgery. It’s a gradual process, but clients should gain a lot of range of motion have a reduced amount of pain, and feel like they’re getting back to who they were before surgery.