Combining evidence-based physical therapy and sports medicine
with common sense and a holistic approach.

Since 1992, Farmington Valley Physical Therapy has been taking care of clients from all over Connecticut and New England. 


Our Mission

Our physical therapy clinic combines evidence-based rehabilitation with common sense and a holistic approach. We understand that recovery from surgery, acute injuries, and chronic conditions is time consuming and costly both in the direct costs of treatment as well as the indirect costs in quality of life, loss of productivity, and time away from work. Our mission to provide physical therapy services that are effective in both addressing the injury at hand, as well as educating the patient on how to prevent future injury and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

We strive to minimize wait times for physical therapy visits, offering appointments for evaluation within 24 business hours of being contacted by the patient. Patients are seen anywhere from 1-3 times a week depending on their rehabilitation needs. We offer convenient, evening group rehabilitation classes to supplement patients' physical therapy programs which clients balancing work obligations with recovery find especially helpful.

In addition to evidence-based rehabilitation, Farmington Valley Physical Therapy also offers several movement and fitness programs that complement traditional physical therapy. These include Hanna Somatic Education, a movement based regimen that utilizes eccentric muscle contraction under resistance to improve coordination and control of agonist/antagonist muscle pairs resulting in more efficient biomechanics. We also offer Mat and Equipment based Pilates which improves core strength and has been shown in clinical trials to be beneficial for the treatment of chronic back pain. Our clinic is fully equipped with Pilates equipment which uses spring resistance to assist the patient in doing exercises until the patient develops the strength to exercise on their own against gravity with good form. 

While these fitness-based services are in themselves beneficial, they also add variety and fun to physical therapy which keeps patients engaged and compliant with their rehab programs. They also provide an avenue for patients to transition out of rehabilitation into mainstream fitness when they complete their physical therapy programs to promote lifelong healthy habits. Our website includes more information about the fitness inspired services.

Work Smarter, Not Harder